The Soundroom

Mark is our dedicated Studio and Buildings Manager hear at the Soundroom. We are able to offer a service of recording your music in our soundproof recording studio with Mark as our skilled engineer.

Our recording facilities consist of a hybrid digital analogue studio featuring Logic Pro X, Focusrite Soundcards, Izotop digital mixing, mastering suits and vintage Allan and Heath analogue mixing desk. We have a Yamaha Beech Custom Drum Kit for recording and a range of FX pedals.

We have a large live room with plenty of space for live recordings of bands or small to medium choirs as well as a seperate vocal booth and drum booth.

We cater to a wide range of artists and musicians from established bands working on albums through new artists recording demos to local choirs, school groups and community projects. 

The studio is affordable and simply priced with any work undertaken (recording, mixing, editing/mastering) having the same price of £15 per hour or a full 8 hour day being priced at £100.

 Mark can be emailed on: